Silk was founded in 1989 as a family company for the distribution of non-food items. Our priority are our products second only to people and relationships.


We involve our customers in shaping our assortment allowing them to be a part of the creative process needed to bring tailor made solutions together. We put more importance on a focused assortment that gives added value to our customers supporting our brand and our cooperation.

Compared with our competitors we strive to be a link to the local environment, connect and encourage socializing of all generations through respecting tradition and taking into account the demanding pace of modern living.

Overall sales support

Our staff, both in our headquarters and also across our sales force, are available to answer any questions regarding our items, prices or specifications. Product information, packaging details or photos of items can be sent upon request. Great importance is also given to quick processing of orders and documentation handling.

Our customers, many of whom we have been working with together successfully for many years, can count on our service, starting with product selection, leading on to deliveries, right up to customer care.
Would you like to expand your range or introduce new product lines? We are very happy and eager to help. Together we can turn your ideas into reality or you can simply benefit from our existing products. We have vast experience in handling and looking after production, quality assurance and compliance with all relevant regulations.


Product design

We are constantly on the lookout for new product ideas. We strive to keep up with current trends and bring new and fresh ideas to the market.

We strive to purchase our products direct from the manufacturer. In this way we have hands-on access and are heavily involved in every step of development, necessary changes or improvements both when it comes to products and packaging or whatever else needs to be adjusted in the supply chain.

Our team is highly qualified with numerous years of experience and is in contact with the factories constantly. Our production facilities are visited and monitored regularly to ensure that our specifications are met.

We put much emphasis on close co-operation and our relationships with our suppliers. It allows us to meet customer requests and guarantee a high quality of our products and service.


Quality assurance

Our products are first tested before production and then also locally in the factories before shipping. We use third party pre-shipment inspection services from a world leading inspection company, assessing the production lot according to AQL standards making sure that any defects are kept to a minimum and within statistically acceptable levels.

After the goods arrive in our warehouse they are checked further before we begin with deliveries to our customers. We take great care about quality control before, during and after production. We have a written commitment to quality over 10 years and use consultants who specialize in ISO standardization and compliance with all legal regulations. 


Private label specialist

You can market our branded products or chose to do a private label. We have over 20 years of experience with customer private labels.

We can easily and quickly implement your label to products and packaging and follow your guidelines or help to develop completely new and unique solutions to best suit the product in question. We fully understand the responsibility that comes with this and offer our excellent service and support.

Our own logistics center

Our staff work quickly and efficiently to prepare goods for shipment to our customers. But we also offer other delivery options to our customers such as FOB, DAP or consolidated deliveries.

Purchasing department from China

We have a dedicated procurement manager for China. Direct, continuous and personal contact with manufacturers in all Chinese provinces is our exceptional advantage and assurance for fulfilling given commitments. Our constant presence at exhibitions and regular visits to our supplier's showrooms enables fast implementation of new product trends.